We are a legal firm consisting of four directors, one associate and one junior attorney, offering a range of specialist services. Our mission is to serve the interests of our clients as if it is our own. Our vision is to continually serve the Boland and Karoo area with quality legal advice in various specialist fields and to be known as the hardest working legal firm to ever serve the Boland and Karoo area.

Firm building


The origin and growth of De Vries De Wet & Krouwkam Inc. lies in the philosophy that the interests of clients can be served better by the availability of a variety of specialist services in one firm. It was this philosophy that led to the amalgamation of two firms, namely De Vries & Krouwkam (established in 1984) and De Wet & Stofberg (established in 1993), on 1 September 1999.

The offices of De Vries De Wet & Krouwkam Inc. are situated at 25 Stockenström Street, Worcester’s well-known ‘Old Volkskas Building’, which was designed by the famous architect, W.O. Meyer.

The design of the building was quite fittingly based on that of the court buildings of Chandingarh, India. Hans Frans, in his work ‘Three Centuries of South African Art’, described this landmark as a ‘brutal use of concrete-in-the-raw which unashamedly puts its trust in the aesthetic effect of the unadorned material and in purely functional and structural forms reflecting the interior’.